Have you ever heard about VR? These are the most commonly used two letters in the technology world right now and this is for a very good reason people like them because they represent the human dream of escaping from the reality to another world, a chosen world. But what do we mean when we say VR?

What is VR?

VR stands for virtual reality. This is the technology that is able to change your reality or immigrate you into a totally different world. The new or current computer technology helped us to create a simulated environment. So the user can actually feel that he is inside a different world or that what he is experiencing is real. The computer creates a simulation or replacement to his environment. When using a virtual reality people feel like they are surrounded by 360 degrees or a three-dimensional world. They can navigate and use their hands.

Applications of Virtual reality

Virtual reality can be used in a lot of fields like entertainment, marketing, education, medicine, and many others, because it helps people to explore other virtual realities.

  • Entertainment: it is used in video games as head-mounted displays (HMD) or as a remote like the Wii Remote. It is also used in cinemas which make the audience able to view 360-degrees environment. And it can be used in concerts to allow the audience to attend a virtual reality concert.
  • Robotics: it is used to control robotics.
  • Surgery training: a 360-degrees video is recorded and shared online.
  • Space training: NASA is using virtual reality from 20 years to train astronauts on how to spacewalking for example.

Virtual reality products

  • Head Mounted Displays.
  • Motion Trackers
  • Data Gloves
  • 3D Controllers