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Web Design

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. This is the basic language to create websites or to create web applications. Of course, it is not the only … Read More


What is AR?
AR stands for Augmented Reality or mixed reality. This technology is the blending between the virtual world and the real world. It does no … Read More

RAM and games

Playing games on the computer is one of the main purposes of personal computers. When buying or downloading a game it is mandatory to read the System … Read More

Home Automation

Home automation is when the house is smart. That means that users can control lights, security, climate, and televisions. But these are not the only s … Read More

Kick-Starting Online Marketing for Your Business

In this new digital age, you can’t afford to miss out on the online space; whether you are a small business or corporate. But what does online marketing cost? And how exactly should you go about it? That’s what we … Read More

Electric Cars

An electric car is a noise-free and pollution-free car. It uses the energy stored in rechargeable batteries and it uses an electrical engine. The two … Read More

Amazon Stores

Everybody knows Amazon. It is the electronic shop where we all do our online shopping and it is said that Amazon is the largest internet retailer. It … Read More

Internet of Things

In the world we are living now, everything is changing. The way we buy stuff, the way we drive, the cars that we are driving, and even how we get ener … Read More

How Computing Technology Has Changed

We can sometimes take computing systems for granted. They have been so integrated into our lives, that it is easy to forget they are a relatively new invention. In recent years, they have rapidly developed, with impressive innovations being made … Read More

Where do You Store Your Data?

The main thing that is kept on a computer is data. Example: songs, movies, videos, games, and photos. The main hardware component that is responsible … Read More