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Internet of Things

In the world we are living now, everything is changing. The way we buy stuff, the way we drive, the cars that we are driving, and even how we get ener … Read More

How Computing Technology Has Changed

We can sometimes take computing systems for granted. They have been so integrated into our lives, that it is easy to forget they are a relatively new invention. In recent years, they have rapidly developed, with impressive innovations being made … Read More

Where do You Store Your Data?

The main thing that is kept on a computer is data. Example: songs, movies, videos, games, and photos. The main hardware component that is responsible … Read More

What Are Computers?

A Computer is an electronic device that is used to process, store, view date. A computer can be programmed with instructions and it can carry out logi … Read More

Technology’s Role in Healthcare

Technology has come to play a very important role in the day to day lives of almost everyone all over the world. It is how people get their news, talk to friends and family, set their alarms, work, travel and … Read More

Computers Basic Knowledge

History of computers
If you are familiar with the movie ” The imitation game” then you are familiar with the name “Alan Turing”. He was an English mat … Read More

Programming Languages

Computers consist of hardware and software. The hardware is the physical component of the computer. The software is the programs or application that a … Read More

Computer Games

One of the common uses of a computer is playing games. These games are video games but they are not being played on a video game console but on the pe … Read More


Have you ever heard about VR? These are the most commonly used two letters in the technology world right now and this is for a very good reason people … Read More

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality headset is a device that any user can wear on their head and experience a virtual reality world. The virtual reality world is not the … Read More