Playing games on the computer is one of the main purposes of personal computers. When buying or downloading a game it is mandatory to read the System Requirements for the game to operate with good graphics and to be stable. These requirements are software requirements such as the operating system and also hardware requirements such as the space remaining on the hard drive and the RAM. SO, what is RAM?

RAM or Random Access Memory is a kind or form of data storage that stores the data being used at the moment and the codes. It also allows data to be read and written. In simple terms, this is how the processor stores and uses immediate data. The data that are stored in the RAM (Random Access Memory) is going to be lost when switching off the computer.

It is actually well-known among Microsoft Windows operating system users that the more RAM installed, the faster the computer. That’s why Microsoft Windows users are often upgrading their hardware, especially when it comes to RAM. So, whenever the computer is acting slow or the game keeps crashing, it is better to check on the RAM.