Computers consist of hardware and software. The hardware is the physical component of the computer. The software is the programs or application that are being used on the machine.

What are programs?

Programs are sets of codes or instructions that are given to the computer in a certain order which results in a specific outcome. These instructions are called algorithms.

How are programs created?

In a simple answer, it is created with a programming language. To explain more, the programming language is the language that the computer understands, So if a certain outcome needed from a computer, a certain set of orders or inputs or codes should be written, and a programming language will be used to write this code.

What are programming languages?

They are the medium between humans and computers. Thousands of programming languages are created and being created every day. Some of them are very common or widely used and some are not common.

What is a general-purpose Programming Language ?

It is the languages that were designed or created to be used to write software for a wide variety of applications.

Programming languages

  • C: general purpose language.
  • C++ : general purpose language.
  • C#: general purpose language.
  • Java: general purpose language.
  • JavaScript: it is used in web design alongside with HTML and CSS and it is considered a dynamic language.
  • PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor ): it is used in web development and also used as general purpose language.
  • Python: general purpose language.
  • Visual Basic .NET: object-oriented programming language.
  • Ruby: general purpose language.