Video sharing websites are essentially online portals for content creators. Moviemakers, Musicians, Podcast hosts, and comedians cannot afford to overlook the digital landscape’s huge potential. Video-Sharing websites act as destinations where users can access on-demand video content.

Billions, sometimes trillions, of users visit video sites everyday. In light of this fact, video sharing websites are among the most used channels of advertising. These platforms share promotional content in the form of sponsored videos. Thus, advertisers are advised to take advantage of YouTube background music download when creating promotional material. That said, here are three prime customers of video sharing websites.


These people log into video sites to find something. Ideally, there are usually very specific. For instance, they might be looking for a new hit song, a documentary, or a trailer. Video makers pay serious attention to this group of users, considering that all video creation efforts are directed towards them.


As the name suggests, this group of users play a special role in marketing or sharing videos. These could be social media influencers on platforms such as TikTok. They could also be video sharing websites who enjoy a great cord strike with their users. YouTube is an excellent example of a video marketing platform that acts as an amplifier.


Marketers seek to share promotional content ‘tactfully’ on watched videos. They mostly use banners or marketing videos. It is worth noting that marketers rely on video analytics or demographics to choose their target customer group. In most cases, original creators get some commission when marketers use their content.