An electric car is a noise-free and pollution-free car. It uses the energy stored in rechargeable batteries and it uses an electrical engine. The two best selling electric vehicles, the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S. The Nissan Leaf sold over 300,000 units globally by 2018. and the Tesla Model S sold almost 213,000 units.

The problem with the normal car is that it has to be run by oil and oil is getting expensive now and it affects the environment (greenhouse gas emissions). That is why the need for electric cars increased. So, instead of using oil the electric car will be charged from charging stations which can be installed in houses and public areas.

People may think that the electric car lifespan is shorter than the normal car, but this is actually not true. As the lithium-ion batteries make it hard for the car to fail or degrade over short periods of time, it means that the damage may be noticeable after several years of using and frequently overcharging.

The cost of electric cars in 2018 is less than the normal car that is using an internal combustion engine, because the costs of repairs and energy are less.