The main thing that is kept on a computer is data. Example: songs, movies, videos, games, and photos. The main hardware component that is responsible for keeping this data or saving them is the hard drive, but it can be saved also on DVDs or CDs Or flash drives.

What is a hard drive?

  • HDD: Hard disk drive or fixed drive, it uses one or more rotating disks coated with magnetic material to store data. It is used in personal computers and it is produced by Toshiba, western digital and Seagate. The capacity of a hard drive ranges from 40GB and 80GB in the last ten years to 1TB or 2Tb in the present days, where TB is equaled to 1000GB.

USB Flash drive

Also known as a flash stick, this is another way of saving the data. It can also transfer the data between computers and it uses the USB ports that can be found on every computer. Actually, nowadays the USB ports can be found on TV screens where the USB flash drive can be plugged and be used to watch any data saved on it.