HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. This is the basic language to create websites or to create web applications. Of course, it is not the only language. CSS and Java will be needed too to create a colorful interactive website.

To explain how the HTML works we need to imagine the website page as blocks and every block is built with HTML elements. With these elements, we can embed images, links, interactive forms, and videos.

What are the HTML tags?

They construct an element of HTML.

What are the HTML elements?

HTML element is an individual component and it is consists of tags. Every element has two tags. A start tag and an end tag. between them lays the content of the element.

  • The !DOCTYPE html simply says that this document is an HTML5 document.
  • The HTML element is the document. Every code goes between these two tags. So, the codes or text between them is the webpage description.
  • The body and /body indicates the parts that are visible on the web page.
  • The title element defines the title for the document.
  • The p element defines a paragraph.


  • h1 Heading level 1/h1 this is the heading element, and it has variations from h1 to h6. You can choose depending on the size of the heading required.
  • Br, this element is to insert a break.
  • To insert a link use the a tag.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and this is another language that is used in the website design process. It is called the style sheet language because it is mainly used for styling the HTML blocks of the web page content. It is designed to enable the separation between content but uses fonts, colors, and layout, and that is the main differance between CSS and HTML.