Technology has come to play a very important role in the day to day lives of almost everyone all over the world. It is how people get their news, talk to friends and family, set their alarms, work, travel and even has a role in our health. Healthcare is one place where technology is making waves and innovating the entire industry on a daily basis. Here are some of the many ways in which technology is playing a big role in healthcare and medicine:


    • Smartphone delivery of care

Smartphones are now able to help us monitor blood sugar, heart rate, steps, insulin, etc. There are apps that not only tell you when you need to take medication but also how much and also offer other insights as well. This makes it easy and central to keep our health information in a place that we already use and keep everyday.

  • Computers and technological analysis

There is smarter and smarter technology being created and implemented and created. X-rays, scans and other medical tests can now be analyzed by computers to help provide input and enhance, confirm and further doctors’ diagnosis, analysis and recommendations for patients.

  • Connectivity and Knowledge sharing

Smartphones and mobile devices allow us to stay connected to each other but also allow doctors who would otherwise have not been connected to share their knowledge, research and professional opinions. Not only are doctors are to be better connected, but doctors and patients are as well. For example, many platforms such as the one found here make it easy for patients and doctors to connect, talk and consult from anywhere and at anytime.

  • 3D Printing

3D printing has changed many things about healthcare. 3D printing offers a cost effective way to print skin, implants and even new limbs and prosthetics. The power of 3D printing in the world of healthcare is truly incredible.

  • Database and increased data management

With increased technology and innovation comes a plethora of new data and information and leveraging the power of technology to store data in a secure, cost effective and accessible way. This data can be turned into useful information for doctors, pharmacists, etc. In addition, there is research being done that is made possible by the increased data and ability to extract this data.

  • Patient power;

Technology allows patients to see the services, reviews and overall information on different physicians, specialists, etc. This gives patients the power to choose the medical professional and services that best suit their needs and empowers patients in a way that may otherwise not have been possible.

  • Accessibility

Technology and computers make it possible for those who may be restricted in terms of where they live, their financial situation or any number of factors to receive adequate healthcare