Everybody knows Amazon. It is the electronic shop where we all do our online shopping and it is said that Amazon is the largest internet retailer. It has basically everything, but this is not the store we are going to talk about. We are talking about Amazon go, this store or chain of grocery stores is owned by Amazon and it is partially automated.

To explain more, the normal shopping process is as follows:

  • Enter the shop.
  • Choose products.
  • Checkout line.
  • Pay and leave.

Then, what is the difference? Actually, the main difference is that the last two steps are cancelled. So, the Amazon go store process will be as follows:

  • Enter the shop.
  • Choose products.
  • Leave.

According to the promotional video that Amazon published the store uses sensors, algorithms, and computer vision. This allows Amazon to track the consumer movements or to control the purchasing process. The ceiling of the store has cameras and the selves have sensors and as the consumer lifts the item the weight sensors will detect which item was taken.

How do consumers use Amazon go?

First, they have to download an app on their smartphone, then link it to their Amazon account and they are actually allowed to add people to their Amazon account so kids and partners purchases will be on the same bill. When a consumer takes an item from a self it is automatically added to their cart and if it was placed back it will be taken off their cart.

People don’t use shopping carts or baskets inside Amazon Go because there is no checkout line. So consumers put items directly into the shopping bag they’ll walk out with. But does this mean that there are no employees in an Amazon go store? Well, this is not true. There are employees but their have different roles, they check the identification cards before a customer can take an alcoholic drink off the self or they preparing meals that are on sale in the store. There is no doubt that this store can change the future of shopping in the world.

Amazon four stars store

This is the second store that we will talk about, this is a new store that will sell items from its website rated 4 stars or above. The items will have the same price that on the Amazon website and it will be opened in New York’s SoHo neighborhood.