Laptop gaming is growing exponentially because of the portability of laptops and the power they pack. But how do you select the best gaming laptop? Below are three critical features to assess.

1. CPU and GPU

If you are into the latest AAA titles, you need a laptop with a powerful processor, whether it’s from AMD or Intel. A sweet spot for light games is an Intel Core i5 processor or its AMD equivalent. But for the power-hungry games, settle for nothing less than a Core i7 processor or its AMD equivalent.

AAA games also require a dedicated graphics card to play seamlessly. The GeForce 20 series and GeForce 30 series rule the Nvidia category, while the Radeon 5000 series and 6000 series are the best from AMD.

2. Memory and Storage

Memory, otherwise known as RAM, is crucial in gaming. While the light games don’t require much RAM, you will need a big RAM to launch and play AAA titles. Anything from 8GB is great for entry-level gaming but for high-end gaming, aim for 16GB and above.

Considering the latest games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Quantum Break clock in at over 100GB, you need ample storage. Storage of 1TB and above will be the best here. While most laptops come with HDDs, SSDs are the best for gaming as they load faster and run quieter.

3. Display

To enjoy gaming, you need a gaming laptop that has an expansive display. A 15-inch laptop will suffice, but their 17-inch counterparts are the best.

Besides the display size, check the display’s specifications and match it with the kind of gaming you desire. Today, there is 1080p gaming, 1440p gaming, 2160p gaming, and even 4K gaming. Make sure the screen resolution suffices your needs. Also, look out for features such as refresh rates and adaptive sync.

Those are three crucial factors to consider when choosing the best gaming laptop. Other worthy considerations include the battery capacity, cooling, and of course, the budget.